Summer has Arrived

Walking through the fields with the little concierge at eight o’clock this morning I couldn’t help thinking - this is categorically as idyllic as it gets. To my right, the racehorses, now nearing the end of their summer holiday, have become so soporific they barely raise their heads as I pass. It will be a long road back to their slim, feisty ‘raring -to - win’ mode of the racing season! And as my walk progresses across newly cut fields ( truly feels like a walk in the park) I pass pregnant cows, near and far with their  tummy’s and udders getting wider and heavier by the day as their time approaches. This is the pathway of course, to the delicious Barbers cheese that so many of our guests enjoy for breakfast.

Thinking  of our lovely guests, they have all had breakfast outside in the morning sunshine over the last few weeks which confirms that at last the summer has truly arrived!


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John Clarke