Opening the Barn Spring 2018

Preparing to open our lovely barn to paying guests has been a journey both rewarding and challenging as well as a means of keeping Johnny off the golf course. 

Once the renovations were completed and soft furnishing in place it was time to source local products and ways to present them. The variety available locally proved to be of a far greater magnitude than we imagined. Whether it is local, easily accessible yoghurt, continental meats that look and taste good or the fine tuning of how to bake a croissant that is light and crispy on the outside but meltingly and thoroughly cooked on the inside has given us so many excuses for eating lovely food.

We are privileged to live and walk our dog in Barber's Cheese and Paul Nicholls Racing country, which gives us a glimpse of the how the countryside is managed, the moving seasons and how the animals are cared for. The cheese is scrummy - creamy, strong and gutsy just like the cows it comes from. 

After a lot of thought and sampling, the selected toiletries come from Bramley ( produced in the nearby village of Mells where the highly acclaimed Talbot Inn is also situated. Don't get us started on thread counts of cotton sheets!

We have arrived at a point where we are up and running and so far so good. Now to make it as good as we can for our guests.

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7 April '18


Harriet Salt