Giving our little concierge her daily perambulation this morning provided me with a reminder of just how sublime the weather and landscape is in these parts when  the rain has gone away and the temperature is climbing and the cows and horses look as comfortable as I am feeling in my tee shirt! A beautiful delicately blueish sky prevails and I feel very humbled by the breadth of Somerset landscape surrounding me!

Our lovely bed and breakfast guests are coming each weekend and it is most certainly that time of year when I am spending a lot of time trying to decide what fresh fruit constitutes the best of the best for a delicious breakfast. When blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple are all at their sweetest - not to mention mango, peaches and apricots- I am attempting to train my eye to zoom into what looks best on the day of the market! What a learning curve, we are doing a phenomenal amount  of fruit tasting - what taste and colour goes with what I ask and I suspect it is becoming a ‘lips-to- hips’ situation!


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Harriet Salt