Long Hot Summer

How unexpected to have such wonderful weather for so long - I have honestly never seen the lavender look quite so glorious ....all the more so seen against the backdrop of sun baked grass that hardly ever needs mowing and flowerbeds that are nearly scorched! All our guests are enjoying breakfast in the garden - we just have to remember to keep our little concierge indoors because I swear she can smell a croissant, barbers cheese, and prosciutto from a mile away!

Recently, struck down with a fearsome cough and cold, I found time to  read one of my old favourite cookery books - Jamie Oliver’s ‘the return of the naked chef’  and  reminded myself how easy it is to make our own yogurt and how thick and creamy that is! It is on page 34 but I also add half a cup of powdered skimmed milk to thicken it up even more!

I hope to add that to my bed and breakfast menu from now on.

The photo inserted here by the way, is of some roses I put into the barn one hot afternoon last week. I love painting ‘contra- jour’  and plan to paint a similar subject when I am less busy!!


Harriet Salt