Spring into Summer

Over the Last few weeks we have moved into a new phase of spring which we still remind ourselves came late this year. The hedgerows have never looked prettier with such an abundance of cow parsley and daisies flourishing too not to mention all the other little pops of colour that I am ashamed to admit I can’t name! All this makes a wonderful backdrop for the 16 racehorses I counted this morning in lush pasture enjoying their summer break and cows literally wallowing in buttercups just down the road. Closer to home we have enjoyed a busy May with charming guests staying in the barn several of whom have been able to enjoy breakfast outside!

Aldi- eat your heart out- I am afraid I shall be neglecting your wonderful bargain roses for the next month because our barn will be adorned with jugs of our own and the fruit stakes have changed - such a wide variety to choose from makes for a more colourful breakfast tray chez Amberwell!

 This is a watercolour sketch of our first roses to the finishing post - fingers crossed they won’t all come out at once!

Blog 040618(2).jpg
Harriet Salt